Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creating art any way you can

It's amazing how you can create art even if its just making cards.
I'm home today making Valentine cards for my boys and my husband. In the pass I would search for hours for the perfect cards. I didn't want the cards to be to mushier or to much of this or not enough of that.... and so on. It was always an hour or two to find that perfect card, and it would drive me crazy. Well, now I'll spend the time creating them, and each one will be a one of a kind!

My husband has always been a big supporter of my art. For Christmas he bought me a Provo Craft "Cricut" machine! I haven't had the time to look it over. And today it turn out to be the perfect day to finally sit down and play! OMG! I've made several hearts in different sizes and a lace background to mount the hearts on.

I'm still reading the instructions, and making different shapes to get to learn the machine better.

Stay tune for pictures in a few days...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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