Thursday, June 2, 2011

Technology is good! or is it?

I'm a new comer when it comes to blogging, tweeting and facebook. However, it's very easy to get so into it that a day without it is like a day without Water! This pass weekend was a great way to get connected with my kids. I took advantage that my "systems" where down and force my boys (17 & 13) not to tweet, fb or text. We did the whole weekend getaway. So, being on Holiday for just 3 days with no "tech" was Great! We drove to two states, and this gave us alot of quality talk time! Do you know how hard it is to get two teen boys to talk? Very! But, I didn't give up and my husband was a gods gift since he broke the silence by starting the conversation with Baseball! Well that open the door to more topics and the next thing you know they were fighting to talk to us! It seems that both boys had alot to say. But never had the time since they are always texting, or in their own world on their laptop.
We do need technology...this is the world our society has created. It's all good. However, it's even a better thing when you put it down and spend more time talking and laughing with the ones you love.

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